Yakushima cottage \28,000,000

Yudomari Yakushima-town 【Sales villa・House for sale】 cottage Two houses

15 mins from Resort to Heike Castle bus-stop on foot.
(40 mins from Resort to Yakushima airport by car)

Price \28,000,000 ≒ $335,330(When 1dollar is 83.5yen)

Land area 5,712m2
Floor plan
(A:LDK、Loft、Underground storage)(B:LD、K、)
Floor Space A:63.99m2 B:38.70m2 to:102.69m2

Please feel free to inquire if you wish to preview the site .

Article item Shallow detached house of years since construction cottage Two houses

Address 鹿児島県熊毛郡屋久島町湯泊
(Yudomari Yakushima town Kumage-gun Kagoshima Japan)

Floor(階建て) A:one-storied with loft B:one-storied
Parking lot 15 Ok

Law of Japan(国土法届) National Land Use Planning Act reportUnnecessary

Land classification(地目) Forest(山林)

City planning(都市計画) Outside district

Use district(用途地域) None

Building structure Wooden slate

Built in A:2005 January B:2008 January
Road east 6m Pavement Private road

Water supply, Electric power, propane, septic tanks flush toilet, shower and toilet, air-conditioning.
* Furniture (with sofa) and lighting fixtures are equipped and is included in the sale price
The total amount of ¥600,000 yen for the Italian Sofa, shower and toilet (INAX of SATIS) cost
¥300,000 yen each. TV and air-conditioning (3 in total) are also equipped.

Delivery time Immediate Current state Vacant

Transaction mode Handling charges to be paid separately
Area of veranda  A:37.69m2 B:About 10m2

Situated at the tip of the peninsula, independent surf the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean and the south coast, is a sacred mountain villa well located, overlooking the World Heritage Site of Yakushima. The two cottages were named “Man and Woman hideaway retreat” maintains the integrity of each separate time hobby. The sumptuous building with both construction equipment, lots of wood interior, comfort can be fully enjoyed. Sun-drenched, and the mysterious air of the forests containing ozone, a refreshing sea breeze blowing from a tropical ocean afar, and a dream in possessing this resort property.
The vacant lot to build a portion of the main building of 1,600 square meters leveled at the entrance is also suitable for business purposes such as pension management.(The 1,600 square meters vacant lot will be sold separately)
 ⇒ 「Comment of owner」 ※Please read the detailed information as follows;

●Visitors picture-diary●

(Received a lovely picture-diary from the owner’ friend who stayed in the Woman Hide-away)

Whole image illustration

(Environmental Issues)
* Every possible effort has been made to avoid cutting down the trees but some have been transplanted

A TV station was selected for filming the Total Eclipse in May last year
Emphasis of landscape, all electrical wires have been embedded underground
Besides the two cottages at the entrance, (the 520-sq. meters vacant lot which has been leveled (valued at 6.8 million yen) will not be sold separately) if you purchase them in total, you may build a new house in the future.

●Additional information from the owner

I will talk a little about the living environment

Daily necessities can be purchased at a nearby grocery store (5 min by car).
2 large supermarkets within 15-min which I often go to.
You can buy seasonal vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices

2 clinics are located about 15 minutes away from home
There’s also a large general hospital within an hour from home

I may introduce reliable guides.
     Yakushima has a mystical forest,spectacular ocean,crystal clear rivers and powerful waterfalls.
Nature and severity come harmoniously with the beauty and peace of mind
It’d be safer to stroll around with the help of a guide at the initial stage.

In the vicinity, good fishing sites can be found but due to the changes in tides and the , rocky area nearby it’s safer to have a guide in the initial stage.

Nice hot springs spots - 15 minutes away from home.
Enjoy a change in taste and mood depending on the characteristics
You may enjoy home gardening if you are all ready to settle down here

A fertile land within the premise itself will allow you to enjoy home gardening more.
For example, sweet potato, radish, carrots, cabbage, cucumber etc.

You’re sure to enjoy the fruits of labor if you spend time on it.
If necessary, we can also introduce a reliable home gardening advisor.
Useful information about good restaurants is available.

Feel free to contact us if you need further information about previewing the site.
・・・.From owner  

※An advertising expiration date is one month from the information update.
Please acknowledge it when there is a change pledged in the period.


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